How do you know you’re in labour????

So as my due date got ever closer, I asked myself daily….how will I know when I am in labour? Stupid really as you will know, but I still wondered with some excitement and anticipation about the arrival of my baby girl. 

I worked until 1.5 weeks before my due date so was pretty large and fed up by the end but I wanted as much time at the other end as I could afford. The waiting began and I didn’t have to wait too long really. I started getting contractions at about 9pm on my due date and thought they were braxton hicks so went to bed. By 5am the next morning they were pretty strong and regular. My partner had gone to work so I was left alone with my two dogs…one of which was also pregnant and due any day. 

I felt my waters go and I called my mum as I was worried I hadn’t felt her move. 

I won’t go into all the gory details as I don’t want to relive it completely 😂 but the gist of it was the baby was in distress so I went into hospital at 10am and the birth plan went straight out the window! Tip to future mums – don’t get too hung up on the perfect birth plan as it doesn’t always go to plan! Nothing was happening fast and I suffered endless epidural attempts that didn’t work however for some strange reason, time seemed to fly so quickly. 

One thing I will never forget was that the light in the room didn’t work so it kept flickering on and off!! I had my very own disco which seemed cooler especially on the gas and air! My mum had to help the midwife using my iPhone torch which was a bit ridiculous. 

Anyway, despite the flickering light, my baby girl was born at 3.17am on 13 October weighing 7lb 4oz. 

I can’t believe I did it to be honest and did feel like I couldn’t do it at the end! 

My aftercare from the evening midwife wasn’t great and I have put that down to them being overstretched. It is a shame really as the midwives were all great until they changed shifts. 

My partner – if you’re wondering after his fainting episode during the tour – managed to visit a few times but my mum was my rock throughout. After I had Isabella they then had to go and deliver 9 puppies as Crumble had gone into labour as well! Talk about being insync! 

Here are a few pics of the lovely pups and one of Isabella and I. 



How much can you really prepare for labour? 

Can you ever really prepare yourself for labour as a first time mum? 

There is so much that is unknown and that can feel exciting, overwhelming and scary especially as you get closer to D day. 

To be quite honest, despite goingto antenatal  classes I still hoped a stalk would bring our baby to me on the due date.

We chose to do NCT classes and they were great! We did this over two and a half weekends which at the time seemed long especially as it was at the height of summer. 7 months pregnant and 30 degree heat is not fun! 

My partner was not keen to go however I really wanted him there as we both had things to learn and I thought it would be good for him and make it more real. I think in a weird way he did enjoy himself. 

The best bit about the NCT class was meeting other pregnant people. We now have a whatsapp group and message at all times of the day. It’s a really great support network and I am very grateful for that. 

I found the classes really helped with my birth plan and what to expect. I also found myself thinking I could do the labour without an epidural which I had said for years I would always have. 

With my birth plan in place we then did a birthing suite tour. One of my NCT friends was on the same tour which was nice to see a friendly face. My partner and I rocked up to the midwifery suite and the tour began. 

We were shown round various rooms and then went into one of the biggest rooms and one of the midwives went through what we needed to do etc when we went into labour. 

It was very hot in this room and we were standing for some time, my partner was behind me and started leaning on me which I thought was his way of being supportive. However he then said he was going to faint. I turned round and found him a funny shade of green/yellow before he slivered to the ground. I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it….and a bit embarrassed! In his defence I will say that he did warn me he wasn’t good with hospitals and didn’t think he would cope with being in the room for the birth….I obviously hadn’t listened but soon realised that if he fainted in a room where no one was giving birth what was he going to be like when the baby actually arrived!!! 

He was fine in the end and we went on our way…I was also back to the drawing board with my birth plan… I needed a new partner! 


What pregnancy glow???

So forgive me as I am new to blogging and I am not really sure what I should or shouldn’t write about, however I felt I needed an outlet to share my experiences throughout my pregnancy and into motherhood.

My daughter is now 3 months old and I have been looking back over my whole pregnancy and birthing experience trying to make sense of it all. 

I love being a mum however if I am honest I did not enjoy the pregnancy that much. Now when I look back I do have a fondness for my experience but that was definitely not the case when I went through it.
I have always wanted to be a mother and I was thrilled that we were having a baby however I did not expect to feel the way I did which came as a shock.

The first few weeks after finding your pregnant are filled with a mix of emotions – excited, overwhelmed, back to excited and maybe a little bit scared as reality sets in. The you spend the next few weeks waiting for the scan to confirm everything is ok. I am such an impatient person so I paid for a private scan at 8 weeks just to make sure I was pregnant!

Then the sickness kicks in and the overwhelming tiredness. I don’t know about you, but my partner was not as supportive as i would have hoped during these weeks. He never really seemed to grasp that there was a baby growing in me. I don’t think it was real for him until the baby was born! 

Anyway, he was very unsympathetic to my newly acquired symptoms. I was a bit of a mess during these weeks for example I locked my dogs outside all night because I was so tired and forgot to let them in! The panic that went through me at 3am in the morning when I realised what I had done. Does this mean I am going to be a bad mum if I can’t even remember that I let the dogs out to go to the loo before bed!

I was longing for the 2nd trimester to start so I could finally stop feeling sick all the time, which I did thank goodness! What I didn’t then bank on was the next round of symptoms to start…..back pain being the main thing. I had a sudden dislike of meat which was very annoying seeing as it is a staple diet in my household. I also put on a fair bit of weight, which I had been trying to avoid seeing as I was already classed as overweight. All I wanted to eat were chips, bread and chocolate so it is no wonder really. My love for food just diminished and everyone who knows me, knows that I love my food! I was hoping to crave things or at least be able to eat normally. This is the one thing that is driving my fiancé mad!

My skin hasn’t glowed, my hair hasn’t shined and I certainly haven’t felt great throughout my pregnancy. I hated it when people tell me how great I look….are they looking at the same person? I would rather they were just honest with me than say the same clichéd sayings. 

I actually spent most of my pregnancy feeling pretty terrible for not enjoying every moment. I know I am blessed and I was so looking forward to being a mum but I just don’t think pregnancy is everything I thought it would be. Maybe it is unrealistic expectations that have been set through watching countless TV shows, movies and soaps which portray a great pregnancy. I don’t feel I can share these views with my friends or family.

With all that being said, I decided that maybe I should try my hand at writing an honest blog about my experiences and hopefully find out if others are feeling the same but also to say that I don’t think it makes me a bad person for not having enjoyed all aspects of my pregnancy.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all.